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Chief Strategy Officer

Guy Parker

Guy joined Workhorse in 2016. He is a graduate of Texas State where he received his MFA in Communication. Guy has over 25 years of advertising, design, online and mobile design, brand development, strategy, and start-up experience that he leverages to help clients succeed. His diverse background as a brand development consultant, strategist, designer, and creative director gives him a unique perspective on generating successful messaging, design aesthetics, and brand communications. His client roster ranges from local to global brands in both the B2B and B2C markets. Guy leads the development and infusion of research, strategy, and positioning for Workhorse. He seamlessly fuses digital with traditional strategies, helping our team evolve and shape best practices.

“Brand advocacy isn’t always developed through a media channel, it might start with something they touch, a sound they hear, or the way they’re treated.”

In his spare time, Guy likes to backpack, paint, design and fabricate furniture, enjoy Italian reds, great food, and participates in shooting sports. He’s also founded a nonprofit to promote awareness of testicular cancer and a program giving underprivileged Scouts a life-changing, “high-adventure” backpacking experience.